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This site explains some of the basic functionalities of
Relay Targets / Recipients of Notes

Using, a lot of options exist to share information with firends, family, co-workers, clans and teams.

We distinguish between targeting individual users (e.g. their @accountname), or a   topic@team  identifier.

Teams Overview

Labels on the other hand can be created at will for most teams. The owner of a team has a choice to disable creation of labels by anyone other than the owner.

Frontmatter Attributes makes heavy use of Markdown's frontmatter to communicate parameters and options. The existing options are:

relay-to string | List[string]
This list defines the recipients of your note. You can define many recipients and used @account  or   topic@team  syntax freely.
relay-filename optional(string)
The filename that should be used instead of the actual filename. This allows to define which name should be used when the file is created in the recipients Vault.
relay-document auto(string)
This serves as an internal tracker of the document so we can find them in the vault. If changed, or removed, the files detach from
relay-title optional(string)
This allows to customize the title of the document. If not present, it will be guessed from the document content.