Markdown Workflows for Teams

Send your notes to other vaults quickly and easily.

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Tight integration with Obsidian

Obsidian seamlessly connects with, making it simple and straightforward for you to share your notes quickly.

One-click Configuration

Easly configure your Vault with a one-click solution. No hazzle!

Powerful Collaboration

Leverage the power of Obsidian with for collaboration to get the most out of your second brain.

Build your own Community

Share notes with hundres of people quickly. Keep copies of your notes updated through and Obsidian.

Improve efficiency

Keep your audience in Obsidian. Avoid copy & paste from Obsidian into a non-markdown tool.

One Vault to rule them all

Keep your knowledge in your vault. Only share what's required with those that need it.

Claim your Team now

Team names are uniqe. Get yours now!

How it works
The power of Markdown, Frontmatter and Obsidian

Configure the Plugin

After installing the plugin, a single click in the plugin's settings is all it takes to link your account in Obsidian. No further configuration is required. It couldn't be easier to set up.

Add properties to your document

Use the frontmatter key  relay-to to list individual recipients or entire teams with a subject.  Learn more.

Receive your documents

You will automatically receive shared documents, sorted into corresponding teams and subjects. Each document contains a unique identifier that allows the plugin to locate the document anywhere in your vault for updates. We recommend that you move the documents you receive into your usual hierarchy.

Access documents online

Public documents can be accessed through the website using the unique document ID. Simply share the ID and people can read the document by searching online.

Developer Access

You can build your own applications using our API at Feel free to build your own note taking app integration, or contact us using for assistance.

Manage Large Markdown Documents

Collaborative platform designed for managing larger markdown documents such as specifications and contracts.

Integration with Obsidian: Empower Team Efficiency

Seamlessly integrated with Obsidian, becomes the ultimate solution for team-wide knowledge management, task organization, and project coordination—all within Markdown.

Build a Robust Knowledge Base

Easily build a comprehensive knowledge base within Obsidian, linking information and fostering efficient collaboration through interoperable Markdown.

Maximize the benefits of Templates for Rapid Document Creation

Adhere to team-wide style and corporate guidelines by providing a place for your templates.

Use your own structure

Documents and synchronization do not depend on a folder structure. Any new document you receive in your inbox can be moved anywhere in your vault.

New workflows emerge

With, your obsidian vault becomes your daily bridge. Team communication and management, tightly integrated with your knowledge base.